Defiant Miss Ukraine 2015 Anastasiia Lenna Sends Warning To Putin, Russia

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Miss Ukraine 2015 Anastasiia Lenna fired up her Instagram Story Tuesday to send a stern warning to Russian scumbag President Putin who is systematically flattening her beloved sovereign homeland one apartment building at a time.

“Difficult times are coming for Russia,” the gun-toting former pageant contestant said while riding around the capital of Kyiv. “Big problems are in Russia because half of the army is dead and a lot of troops, a lot of tanks are just bombed,” she added.

Lenna, who first popped onto the international tabloid news scene in the early days of the war after it was assumed she was in the military due to her Instagram photos featuring airsoft guns, seems to have joined the cause of defending her homeland after telling the world two weeks ago that she’s not in the military.

“Stories are written on the table. We write with blood on our land,” she wrote on Instagram (via Google translation). “We write with a plow, a sword, a sword, songs and slave crying. Graves in a field without names, on the way to Kiev from Luben!”

Miss Ukraine Anastasiia Lenna fighting Russia
Anastasiia Lenna rides around Kyiv with her weapon / Instagram

Lenna, who is reportedly 24 years old, knows exactly how this great fight against the invaders will end.

“The conflict will finish after a great victory of Ukraine. We are close,” Lenna added.

In an address Tuesday, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy sent out a similar message and offered Russian troops a “chance to survive” what’s coming for them.

“The 19th day of our resistance is over. Historical war. Another difficult day, which is still approaching our victory. Approaching peace for Ukraine,” Zelenskyy said according to his presidential office.

“As before, the enemy is confused. They did not expect such resistance. They believed in their propaganda, which has been lying about us for decades. They still can’t recollect themselves. But they have already begun to understand that they will not achieve anything by war,” Zelenskyy continued.

So not only does Putin’s military face a resistance that refuses to give up, but now it appears even the big bad Russian army and its firepower can’t scare off Miss Ukraine 2015.

In other Instagram Story posts from Tuesday, she took people on a tour of a grocery store and openly walked around areas that she tagged Kyiv.

With her city nearly surrounded by Russian troops, Lenna has faith that her people will rise up and fight off the invaders.

“I am in my home country,” she wrote on Instagram Story. “I am not afraid. Invaders should be afraid.”

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