Decoding Lamar Jackson’s Twitter Feed

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Perhaps no athlete embodies the modern-day millennial like Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson. He uses social media to communicate, support colleagues, send messages — both cryptic and clear — to his employer, and keep us all guessing.

I originally planned to write about Lamar Jackson liking a tweet that had him Photoshopped into a Miami Dolphins uniform. That’s an interesting thing for a professional athlete to do — like a tweet with him appearing in the jersey of another team.

Adding a layer to this, of course, is that Jackson wants a new contract — and a massive one — from his current team, but hasn’t been shy about suggesting he’s willing to play elsewhere to get paid.

Lamar Jackson's Twitter feed is a content creator's dream, and the nightmare of the Baltimore Ravens PR staff
Lamar Jackson’s Twitter feed is a content creator’s dream, and the nightmare of the Baltimore Ravens PR staff (Twitter/@lj_era8)

After also implying that he grew up rooting for the Dolphins (second, after the Dallas Cowboys), that seemed to be the story.

But as I kept digging around his Twitter page, each tweet/retweet/like added intrigue until I was down a rabbit hole, ingesting every single post.

One of my favorites is Jackson updating us on his contract negotiations. One fan said Lamar should get $250 million and another replied that the Ravens already offered that to him and he passed. To which Jackson replied, “no they didn’t.”

Then there was the fan who claimed to “love Lamar” but doesn’t think he deserves a big contract. Jackson had a simple response to that:

Those are some of his more clearly stated tweets and there’s no question where he stands on those comments. But, Lamar Jackson likes to get cryptic, too. Does it mean something? Does it mean nothing? Is it a message to the Ravens? The rest of the NFL? That’s only for Lamar to know and us to guess.

We’ll start with a retweet of a Steve Harvey tweet that reads “Go where you’re appreciated.”

Does Lamar Jackson feel under-appreciated by the Baltimore Ravens?
Does Lamar Jackson feel under-appreciated by the Baltimore Ravens? (Twitter/@lj_era8)

Is that a message to the Baltimore Ravens front office? Is it just a tweet he likes? I guess we’ll never know for sure.

What about this one? Not even sure what it means:

To go back a little ways, we did a story here at OutKick about Lamar Jackson changing his Twitter header photo to a meme that read, “I need $.” Of course, he said that had nothing to do with the Ravens. Hard to think it didn’t, but hey, I’m not in Lamar’s head.

The great irony here is that Jackson says he actually exercises caution when thinking about what to like and retweet.

So, if this is the stuff he’s OK with retweeting and liking, what does he actually WANT to like and retweet that we’re missing out on??

I guess it’s the fault of people like me, who are looking for any signals about what he’s trying to say and not say. Don’t worry, someone addressed that already:

To be fair to me, I’m not driving and hawking his Twitter at the same time. But I am hawking his Twitter. Can’t help it, the man is a content machine.

Written by Dan Zaksheske

Dan began his sports media career at ESPN, where he survived for nearly a decade. Once the Stockholm Syndrome cleared, he made his way to Outkick. He is secure enough in his masculinity to admit he is a cat-enthusiast with three cats, one of which is named “Brady” because his wife wishes she were married to Tom instead of him.


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  1. Cryptic requires proof of intelligent thought. Lamar has yet to establish that.

    Jackson should pull up Randall Cunningham’s career on Google and YouTube. Another wildly entertaining, highly athletic QB. Who didn’t win a damn thing in the NFL. But Randall had an agent who got him paid. Jackson insists on playing chess against the Ravens, except it seems he brought a Parcheesi game board.

  2. Like most QBs in his position, once defenses figured out his RPO style, his stats diminished. You need a cerebral QB like a Manning, Brady, Rodgers, etc type leader to win it all, and Baltimore is slowly realizing that.

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