Dangerous Canadian Wildfire Smoke Causes American Sporting Events To Be Postponed

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East coasters are once again waking up to the smell and sights of a thick smoke as remnants from a massive Canadian wildfire continue to blanket more and more of the country.

The giant plume of smoke has made much of the air quality conditions of the east coast extremely unhealthy and is now causing the postponement of several outdoor sporting events.

On Tuesday, both the New York Mets and Yankees Triple-A affiliates had their games postponed in Syracuse due to “air quality concerns.”

In a statement, the Yankees’ RailRiders said they would make up the games later this week, while the Syracuse Mets moved today’s early game to a later start time. Although there’s been no official word, that game appears unlikely to be played as the smoke has worsened.

Schools up and down the east coast have also been advised to postpone or cancel any outdoor activities.

Just look at these photos from last night’s Yankees game in the Bronx!


Just how bad is the smoke? Health officials have likened the smoke in New York and surrounding states to the equivalent of smoking anywhere from 6-13 cigarettes A DAY – not ideal for anyone, especially those with respiratory conditions or even pets that may be outside.

New Yorkers are being advised to stay indoors as much as they can today, with the smoke so thick that “you will be able to taste it,” as well as it may even sting one’s eyes if they are exposed to it for too long.

Heck, if one goes on Twitter right now they will see “CODE RED” trending because of the weather conditions that are engulfing states from New York down to North Carolina.

This graph of the Air Quality Index shows just how severe the air is to breathe right now.

The Air Quality Index displays dangerous breathing conditions from a Canadian wildfire.

Residents of California are unfortunately used to wildfires in recent years. But I can tell you that we here on the east coast have not encountered anything like this before.

The Canadian wildfires have been burning for weeks now but the smoke has only started hitting us here in the states within recent days. There are estimates that the number of current wildfires is in the hundreds.

Written by Mike Gunzelman

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