Utah Man Says He Started Wildfire While Trying To Burn A Spider, But Cops Have Their Suspicions

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While Aaron Rodgers is off safely hallucinating on a psychadelic brew typically used by tribes deep in the Amazon forest, some 26-year-old, who had some weed on him, was arrested for starting a wildfire after trying to burn a spider.

Utah authorities say the Springville Fire started when Cory Allan Martin was attempting to burn a spider while on a mountain. One thing leads to another and Martin’s setting the forest on fire.

“When deputies arrived, fire personnel stated they were out with a male up the mountain where the fire had started,” court documents state, according to KUTV. “The male told them that he had started the fire.”

That’s right, he was trying to burn a spider. How does that turn into a forest fire?

“When he attempted to burn the spider, the surrounding brush ignited and the fire began spreading very rapidly,” the arresting officer wrote in the arrest affidavit. “Cory having recklessly started the fire, caused a danger to human life and or the property of another.”

“In this case his actions were more than, ‘Oops, I accidentally started a fire,'” Utah County Sheriff Sgt. Spencer Cannon told reporters. “It was reckless to do what he was doing in the way he was doing it.”

“I’m not sure why he felt the need to burn the spider.”

Cops also reported finding a little weed on Martin. I’m not a weed expert, but it’s possible Martin was high AF and got fixated on the spider and decided this was its hill to die on.


Forest fire.

Now, you’re probably thinking that Cory was actually smoking a little refer and started the fire. The sheriff’s office is all over that theory. They just can’t prove it beyond a reasonable doubt.


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