Dana Holgorsen Makes Concerning Comment About Houston Joining The Big 12

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Dana Holgorsen thinks Houston might lack the resources needed to compete in the Big 12.

The Cougars will officially join the Big 12 this summer, and the program recently announced its inaugural football schedule in the conference.

While Houston fans might be fired up about joining a P5 conference, Holgorsen sees one major problem:


Dana Holgorsen claims Houston will have the worst resources in the Big 12. (Photo by Ken Murray/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

Can Houston compete in the Big 12.

While speaking with the media Wednesday, the head coach of the Cougars made it clear he needs some help. If he doesn’t get it, Houston won’t leave the cellar of the conference from a resources standpoint.

“What we’re dealing with right now on a day-to-day basis is going to be dead last in the Big 12. That’s just facts,” Holgorsen explained when talking about the uphill battle he faces with resources.

In terms of bluntness, it doesn’t get much more blunt than these comments from the head coach of the Houston Cougars.

Whenever you have a coach talking about being “dead last” in anything, you know it’s a really bad sign.

That’s not what fans, administrators or players want to hear. Some stuff should just be kept to yourself. How will this help recruiting?

Dana Holgorsen talks Houston’s lack of resources. (Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images)

Holgorsen has to go out and convince kids to play for the Cougars, but he just told the world his team will have the worst resources in the Big 12.

Who will hear that and consider playing for him? It’s not a great sales pitch at all. In fact, it’s an awful one.

Also, there’s no reason for Houston to not have more resources. Texas is an incredibly rich state and just about every program in the state has boosters with deep pockets. If the resources aren’t there, pick up the phone and get more.

Will Houston have the worst resources in the Big 12? (Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images)

The upcoming football season will be here before we know it. Dana Holgorsen might want to get this situation at Houston ironed out sooner than later.

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  1. Holgersen won’t finish the season. Given the awful performance of the team in 2022, people said they could go undefeated and hit a NY’s bowl, I don’t give them much chance to succeed anyway.

    UH has significant third party financial support from restauranteur/casino owner Tillman Fertita. I wouldn’t call Tillman’s help “last” ever. Fertita is the reason he’s in Houston and he just put a stick in Tillman’s eye.

    He’s done.

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