NFL Reporters Can’t Believe Dan Snyder’s Wife Said ‘Redskins’ At Alumni Celebration

The Washington Commanders honored a number of past players during an alumni celebration Sunday with the Green Bay Packers in town. Tanya Snyder, wife of team owner Dan Snyder, addressed former players and fans at the celebration. She ended her speech by saying “hail to the Redskins,” which sent some NFL fans over the edge.

Snyder was greeted to decent applause as she mentioned the team’s former nickname. Sam Fortier of the Washington Post (gasp!) seemed upset with the situation.

The Washington Commanders used to be named the Washington Redskins. That is a fact and a part of NFL history. The franchise had a run of nearly 90 years as the Redskins. But given that it’s the year 2022, if anyone finds a term offensive then we must try to erase history and never speak of it again.

This apparently includes moments when honoring former players, all of who played for the team when they were known as the Redskins.

Mike Florio Triggered By Tanya Snyder Saying ‘Redskins’

To the surprise of absolutely nobody, Mike Florio could not believe Tanya Snyder said ‘the R-word’ in public.

He went as far as to reach out to the team for a statement, to which Washington shared the perfect response:

“Yes, she did, celebrating all our legends, who were here for Alumni Homecoming Weekend,” a Washington spokesperson said.


Two things can be true at once.

Washington is a total mess and all signs point to Dan Snyder being a bad person, but the Redskins were also a football team that once existed and that word hasn’t been banned from human existence.

Referring to a team’s history is okay, even if the always-triggered media has deemed it ‘canceled.’

Written by Mark Harris


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  1. The wokie terrorists NEVER STOP …. IMO, she was perfectly correct to use “Redskins” in that context (or any context for that matter!) ….

    If her doing so caused little wokie terrorists heads to explode … HOORAY FOR HER! ….. and, yes, her husband is a jerk bit that is a separate issue.

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