Damian Lillard Does What Ja Morant Can’t; Doesn’t Show Gun On Camera Despite Fan Request

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It appears someone has learned from Ja Morant’s mistakes, but that person isn’t Ja Morant, it’s Damian Lillard.

Lillard was doing a live video on Instagram when a viewer asked him to show his Glock. He wasn’t going to fall for this one, what with how many times this has gotten Morant in trouble.

“Yo, the be trollin’,” Lillard said after someone tried to goad him into flashing a gun

Do you see how easy that was? How Ja Morant has made this mistake multiple times continues to be one of sports’ greatest mysteries.

Lilliard didn’t just show off his ability to refrain from waving a gun at cameras, he did some trolling of his own.

In the same Instagram live video, fans weren’t just trying to get him to hold up firearms, they were trying to get him to discuss his NBA future.

“Where you going this summer? They want me to be like ‘I’m going to the Lakers,’” Lillard said with a laugh. He discussed it with someone off-camera before saying with a chuckle, “I’m going to the Lakers, man. I’m going to the Lakers.”

Hey at least, if Lillard does go to LA, the Lakers can expect him not to make any Ja-like mistakes.

That’s got to count for something.

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