Current, Former Players Follow Arian Foster’s Lead, Make Hilarious Jokes About Dumb ‘NFL Is Scripted’ Narrative

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Former NFL running back Arian Foster made some headlines earlier this week when he joked that the NFL is literally scripted. He said, sarcastically, that there was a script in his locker for the entire season when he and his teammates arrived for training camp.

He continued the ruse by saying they don’t even practice football, but rather just practice the NFL’s defined script. Essentially, NFL practice is a rehearsal more than a practice.

Funny joke, especially with all the #NFLRigged and #NFLScripted hashtags floating around Twitter and the rest of social media following a controversial Championship Sunday in the NFL.

Current and former NFL players had fun with the idea and posted some of their best “NFL is scripted” jokes. Because we at OutKick are here to make your life easier, we collected some of them so you don’t have to go scouring the Internet (like I did).

Some non-NFL’ers posted some pretty funny stuff, too. Twitter can be a cesspool sometimes, but it’s awesome when everyone comes together for a common goal. And ripping the “NFL scripted” narrative became comedy gold.

The idea that the NFL is actually scripted is funny, but questions about legitimacy are not

Of course, the NFL does not hand out scripts to players in the preseason. I know plenty of former NFL players and they always laugh at this notion. They put their bodies on the line trying to win a Super Bowl.

But only the true crazies really believe there is an actual script. And that’s an important distinction. In order for the NFL to seem illegitimate, it doesn’t take a full-blown Broadway performance.

The bigger issue right now is that poor officiating makes the game seem rigged. Whether it actually is or not, it doesn’t matter. The idea is out there and it’s gaining more mainstream steam than I’ve ever seen.

"NFL scripted" narrative gained steam this week after a series of controversial calls in the AFC Championship.
“NFL scripted” narrative gained steam this week after a series of controversial calls in the AFC Championship. (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

After almost any big game, talk to fans of the losing team and they’ll always tell you that “The refs screwed us.”

This is not new.

However, more and more people who aren’t even fans of the teams involved sense that calls benefit one side or the other. In the AFC Championship, for example, it certainly looked like the calls favored Kansas City.

It’s all fun and games when it comes to the “NFL is scripted” narrative.

But the idea that the games are not 100% legitimate is a major problem for the league.

It’s a problem they should spend the entire offseason addressing. But after seeing the TV ratings for the Championship games and the monster numbers the Super Bowl will likely pull in, will they?

I mean, people are watching regardless. Right?

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