Former NFL Star Arian Foster Hilariously Mocks Claims The League Is Rigged

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Arian Foster had the perfect reaction to claims the NFL is rigged.

For reasons I’m not sure anyone really understands, people have been lobbing claims that the NFL is rigged following the Chiefs beating the Bengals. Instead of accepting that human refs are going to make mistakes (just like any profession involving humans), people seem to believe there’s a vast conspiracy underway.

The NFL, which displays extreme incompetence at times, is also supposed to be able to rig games without it immediately going public. Yeah, nobody really analyzing it buys it, and Foster sarcastically joked about the practice scripts as if they were plot scripts for rigged games.

Arian Foster trolls claims the NFL is rigged. (Photo by Rob Foldy/Getty Images)

“We were really dedicated to it. So, it was more so like that’s what practice was about – like practicing the script. Like, this is what goes on, this is what we have to do … WWF, so we know what’s going to happen. You still gotta put on a show,” the former Texans star RB said with an incredibly heavy dose of sarcasm on Barstool Sports’ “Macrodosing” podcast.

He then really cranked the sarcasm up when asked about his reaction to getting a script that made him an atheist and had his career fall off a cliff.

Arian Foster had the best reaction to claims the NFL is rigged.

For those of you who don’t know, practices are almost always scripted in order to maximize efficiency and practice what’s important for that week.

Teams will then almost always script the first few plays of the game in order to get in a groove. Mike Leach famously leaked a fake play script against Oklahoma. He’s not not talking about scripts like actors in movies read.

Yet, he played it perfectly so that people could take him out of context and run with it. Well done, Arian. Well done.

Former NFL star Arian Foster mocks claims the NFL is rigged. (Photo by Tim Warner/International Champions Cup/Getty Images)

The fact people seriously believe the NFL is rigged is a bit much. It’s kind of funny given the absurdity of the claim, but how do people actually believe it?

In order to rig something between franchises worth billions and owned by billionaires, you’d need lots of powerful people involved and then you’d need them all to stay quiet. What’s one thing we know about billionaires?

They don’t like losing or being embarrassed. If they were the victim of a rigged game, all hell would break loose. That’s not even taking into account what the players would do.

The game isn’t rigged. Everyone needs to take a deep breath, relax and understand a bad call doesn’t mean the fix is in. The American government couldn’t even successfully build the Obamacare website on the first try, and it’s the most powerful institution in world history. Yet, you think the NFL has the competence and power to rig games? No chance.

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