Wild Scenes From Australian Soccer Match As Fans Storm Field With Flares, Attack Goalie

Forget the World Cup, the real soccer drama is taking place in the Land Down Under, where fans threw flares onto the field at the 20-minute mark, stormed it like a pack of wild animals, concussed a goalie and got the match canceled.

How did you spend your Saturday?

Video of the chaos has gone viral on Twitter, and shows goalie Tom Glover take a humiliating blow to the face with some sort of white powder. You can also see red flares engulfing the field as the camera zooms back out.

Who am I kidding? You've definitely just scrolled past all of that to find the video, so here it is!

Melbourne Derby canceled, Tom Glover throws flare back

Look, I don't like soccer or watch soccer, and I refuse to call it fútbol (we're in America, it's football and it's played on Saturdays and Sundays).

All that being said, I will admit that soccer fans across the pond are wired DIFFERENT. People literally die before and after matches, and it's just sort of accepted as a thing? It's wild to me, and this chaos at the Melbourne Derby is just the latest example.

Apparently, all of this was somewhat planned, too! Fans were allegedly planning a walk-out at the 20-minute mark to protest the Australia Professional Leagues’ recent decision to award hosting duties for the next three championship matches to Sydney.

Don't know why we care or why that matters. All I know is that the planned walk-out turned into a scene straight out of Jumanji (RIP Robin Williams) and included some typical 'Hardo' fanboys.

I mean, these two dummies HAVE to be the most annoying people on earth just by looking at them:

Of COURSE he has an LA hat on. Least shocking thing ever.

“Following shocking scenes during the first half of the A-League men’s match between Melbourne Victory and Melbourne City … where fans from the Melbourne Victory FC end entered the field of play, Football Australia match officials have abandoned the match … in order to protect the integrity of the match,” a Football Australia statement said.

Reports said Glover suffered a possible concussion after taking the metal bucket to the noggin and was feeling dazed after he left the field. Can't imagine why.

And how about this for a twist on our way out? Turns out, fans decided to storm the field after Glover threw one of the flares back at them.

Take that, idiots!

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