Want A Four-Day Weekend? Chick-Fil-A Is The Place For You!

They love God, have incredible service, chicken sandwiches and fries, and now they're giving you FOUR-DAY weekends? Chick-fil-A just doesn't stop winning.

The ultra-popular restaurant (yes, restaurant, not fast-food. We show them proper respect around here) is apparently trying out a new system at one of its Miami locations where employees work for three days and then take four days off.

Justin Lindsey, the operator of the location, told QSR Magazine earlier this month that he started using the schedule in February.

What's the schedule, you ask?

Evidently, employees who choose to participate are grouped into one of two "pods" that switch off working three consecutive days of 13 or 14-hour shifts. After that, it's smooth sailing for four straight days.

So far, 18 store leaders and roughly 20 workers have chosen to participate in the three-day block schedule. It's apparently a thing out west, too.

Denver-based Sage Hotel Management has been offering these four-day weekends since August in a bid to create more work-life balance and attract Gen Z employees.

Perfect, just what we need ... more Gen Z employees!

Chick-fil-A offering four-day work weekends

Anyway, Lindsey here said that he's received over 400 applications since implementing this new work week, so apparently people dig the format.

What do you think? Three days on, four days off. You're basically spending most of your waking hours directing traffic and handing out chicken sandwiches for three straight days, but then you can do whatever you want for the next four days.

Worth it?

I think so, but ONLY a place like Chick-fil-A, where, by all accounts, the atmosphere is pretty darn good.

I think I could also get on board with three straight days at Publix, which is also the GOAT of the grocery store game. Don't argue with me, because that one is pretty much set in stone.

And by the way, I know I'm gonna get the boomers here saying they worked 20 hour days, seven days a week when they were growing up. Sure, that's fine. Congrats.

I'm all for putting in the work, don't get me wrong. But if you fill your quota in three days instead of five, does it really matter? More than one way to skin a cat!

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