Von Miller's New Haircut Takes NFL World By Storm And People Can't Figure It Out

Bills superstar Von Miller had himself an offseason.

The two-time Super Bowl champ signed a mega deal with the Buffalo Bills, and then returned to Los Angeles Thursday night and absolutely destroyed his former team. 

Miller's new uniform wasn't the only different look he debuted at SoFi Stadium, though ...

NFL world tries to decode Von Miller haircut

My goodness. That is ... something.

What does one call that haircut?  When you go to the barber down the street, what do you say?

Is that style on the giant picture of different hairstyles that every single barbershop has hanging on the wall?

If you watched the game, perhaps that haircut was meant to signify Von Miller stock, which is going up, up, up after a dominant performance. 

The Bills blasted the defending Super Bowl champs, and clearly looked like the best team in the NFL and sacked Matthew Stafford seven times.

Miller had two of 'em and basically lived in the Rams' backfield all night. 

It was a dominant showing and one heck of a debut for the new and improved Von Miller, and the new haircut was just the icing on the cake.

Take it away, internet.

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