UFC Fighter Mackenzie Dern Models Underwear, Cavinder Twins Activate Christmas Mode & Nick Saban Begs To Get Into The College Football Playoff

Championship weekend had two Top 4 teams lose

What a season of College Football it has been up to this point. Championship weekend was another great week of football action. It was supposed to be the weekend that the teams currently in the Top 4 solidify their case for the College Football Playoff by taking home a conference championship.

Unfortunately for two of those Top 4 teams that did not happen. The losses set the table for some interesting decisions as the new Top 4 is selected.

Let's start with the two teams that took care of business in their respective championship games. No. 1 Georgia dropped 50 points on No. 14 LSU in the SEC Championship game and should remain the top team headed into the CFP.

No. 2 Michigan took on Purdue in the Big Ten Championship. After a close first half of play, the Wolverines hit another gear in the second half and ended up running away with a 43-22 win and back-to-back Big Ten titles.

The No 3 and No. 4 teams didn't fair as well in their championship games. Both teams lost and at least one of them is expected to end up on the outside of the College Football Playoff looking in. That team is No. 4 USC. Friday night's Pac-12 Championship against No. 11 Utah ended in a 47-24 blowout.

An incredible season for the Trojans comes up just a little short of being able to compete for a National Championship. The Big 12 Championship was a much closer affair.

No. 3 TCU battled No. 10 Kansas State in one of the more exciting games from the weekend. The Horned Frogs battled back late to force overtime where they couldn't but the ball into the end zone with a couple of shots near the goal line.

TCU should still be in the College Football Playoff

It was a tough loss for TCU, but by most accounts they should still be one of the four teams left standing at the top. They only lost by a field goal in overtime and it was their first in the loss column on the season.

College Football fans everywhere should be happy about the two losses. Not because their team is going to sneak into the Top 4, that's not likely to happen for most teams.

They should be happy because the losses led to Nick Saban getting on TV and begging for a two loss Alabama team to be included. Good times.

Coach Prime is on the move

It was all about the play on the field in College Football this weekend. Some news out of Colorado received plenty of attention as well. Deion Sanders will be the school's next head football coach.

After three very productive seasons at Jackson State, Coach Prime is going to lead a Power-5 program.

The great "Pilk" controversy

Last week I wrote a story about a Lindsay Lohan ad for Pepsi. In it the actress pours milk into her Pepsi for a concoction she proudly announces as "Pilk."

I think mixing these two liquids should at the very least warrant a fine or something. Let's rally around this and put a stop to it.

The post goes up and the comment section, instead of backing my call for action, has several people pointing out that the drink was actually invented by Laverne & Shirley.

Then Joe's inbox received this and it shows up on Saturday's Screencaps.

Paul B. writes:

Can you please respectfully tell Sean Joseph that Pepsi and Milk is not a new thing. It’s been around since Laverne and Shirley at minimum. I love Sean’s work so this is more of an informational thing.

Thanks Paul B., and the comment section, for the nugget of information. But to my credit, and I'm no kid fresh out of college, Laverne & Shirley ended in 1983. And the very few parts of episodes that I have seen of the show are terrible.

There's no way I would have ever made it through enough episodes to find out that the character who wears a letter on her shirts enjoyed a drink that combines milk and Pepsi.

I don't think I'm alone when it comes to that either. This is one of the very few things I could find showing Laverne making her favorite drink.

Whether it's a Laverne & Shirley thing or not isn't the point, it has to end! I think the real beef here should be with Pepsi, who didn't give the show any credit for inventing Pilk.

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