Nick Saban Poses One Question To College Football Playoff Committee While Making Case For Two-Loss Alabama To Get In

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Nick Saban and Alabama football are on the outside looking in at the College Football Playoff. However, if there was to be a glimmer of hope, the door was left cracked over conference championship weekend.

USC lost on Friday, which all-but eliminated the Trojans from Playoff contention. While Georgia and Michigan won their respective conference titles on Saturday, TCU did not.

The Horned Frogs lost their first game of the year to the Kansas State Wildcats in overtime. More than likely, Sonny Dykes’ team will still get in.

But what if they didn’t? Who would get their spot? Who will get USC’s spot?

Based on the current standings, one-loss Ohio State will presumably leapfrog Lincoln Riley’s program. However, the committee could decide that a two-loss Alabama team is more deserving. It could also decide that a two-loss Crimson Tide program is more deserving than a one-loss Big 12 team.

They probably won’t, but they could.

Nick Saban made his pitch to the College Football Playoff committee on Fox on Saturday night.

To make his case for why Alabama deserves to make the Playoff, Saban asked one question.

Would Ohio State, TCU or USC be favored in a game against the team from Tuscaloosa?

Well, I think the whole goal is to get the best teams in. What I would say to the committee or anyone else is if we played any of the teams that are on the edge of getting in, would we be the underdog, or would we be the favorite? I think if you could answer that question and the goal is to get the best teams in, then you would say they belong in there.

— Nick Saban on the CFP

In addition, Saban pointed to various injuries throughout the year— Bryce Young in particular.

We lost 2 games on the road in a tough league to 2 top-10 teams, one top-5 team on the last play of the game. We had our opportunities. We weren’t 100%, Bryce Young wasn’t 100%, he was injured in the mid-part of the season.

— Nick Saban on Alabama’s 2022 season

Saban also spoke to how the Crimson Tide played better at the end of the season. He believes that should be factored in.

When asked to name the other three teams that should make the Playoff, Saban declined. The 71-year-old coaching legend does not like to talk about other programs.

Saban reminded the committee that Alabama played five road games this season against top-25 teams, with three against top-10 teams.

That’s a grueling schedule […] We shouldn’t just be looking at metrics of one-loss, 2-loss, I think who are the best teams.

— Nick Saban on eye test vs. resume

Here is his full pitch:

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  1. Being favored has little to do with who is better. It has to do with how the bookies set a line to get equal action on the two competitors. Therefore it also involves bettor bias. Try harder, Nick. Your team may not be in the top ten this year. And certainly isn’t the top 5. You lost to a four-loss LSU and your best win was on a last second FG vs Texas. Maybe retire?

  2. Hate much? Rally retire… the greatest living college football coach?

    Your logic is a little flawed. Some would argue that favored betting is the truest indication of a ranking. You can come here and spew any team preference and it costs you nothing but… peope\le putting down their money. Naturally they can also be wrong but tend to be the most invested so to speak.

    The guys is doing his job. TCU and USC played one pressure packed game and lost. Bama plays a bowl game almost every week; how many teams storm the field when they beat TCU in the regular season.

    I think it’s all for naught. The only team that could play Georgia close this year would be Bama. All the others are going to get destroyed. I think Bama would still lose. For the record I think on a neutral field, Bama beats TCU, USC, Michigan, and OSU 9 times out of 10. All the arguments about Williams being hurt etc. apply to Bama Bryce closer to 100% now. Some of the young receivers finally playing.

    The big ten pretty much sucks; the OSU standout victory…. Penn State really – getting blown out by Michigan at home. And as much as I love K-State (my daughter almost went there this year) do we really think that most weeks they would compete in the SEC.

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