Tom Brady Touring Miami Schools, So Naturally The Internet Thinks He's Joining The Dolphins

It's January, which means the Tom Brady-to-the-Miami Dolphins rumors are bound to heat up any day now ...

And, would you look at that?! They're here! Buckle up.

Right on cue, Brady was in Miami on Tuesday touring a private school, presumably for his kids. I guess maybe Tom is thinking about getting into teaching, who knows? But, for right now, I'll assume it was for his kids.

Anyway, you can't do anything in 2023 without being caught, and video of Brady touring the hallways and riding golf carts quickly made the rounds on Twitter.

And, of course, that means he's the next QB of the Miami Dolphins. Naturally.

And when you say Miami, you're talking Super Bowl!"

Tom Brady to Miami Dolphins rumors heat up

Well, there you have it, folks. Tom Brady is pretty much a Miami Dolphin, now. Move aside, Tua. Forget Dan Marino.

South Beach belongs to Tom Brady, now! What a time to be alive.

At least that's what the internet thinks after pictures and video of the 45-year-old QB started making the rounds Tuesday.

Or, OR, Brady's kids already live in Miami and he's just being a dad and checking out the schools. You make the call.

By the way, the tuition for the above school? A cool $46,700. Maybe that's what ultimately make Brady leave the NFL and take up FOX on their 10-year, $375 million offer?

Anyway, Brady and now ex-wife Gisele Bündchen share 13-year-old son Benjamin and 10-year-old daughter Vivian.

The two split before Halloween after months of drama stemming from his pivot on retirement, and the former couple did once share a mega mansion in what's known as "Billionaire's Bunker" in Indian Creek Island in Miami.

There are reports out there that also say Gisele toured the school, too. However, she made sure to do it separate from her ex-husband.

Tough scene. I miss those two.

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