Tom Brady Shows Up Solo To Robert Kraft's Star-Studded Wedding

Tom Brady didn't take his plus-one to Robert Kraft's star-studded wedding on Friday.

Amid serious marriage turmoil, Brady showed up alone to his former boss's wedding, but apparently "looked to be in great spirits as he stepped out of his black SVU," according to Page Six.

"(He had a) big smile on his face and was dressed to impress in a black suit, white button-down, and no tie," they added.

Tom Brady, Randy Moss, Drew Bledsoe, Roger Goodell attend Robert Kraft wedding

Brady played for Kraft for two decades in New England, and the two obviously became very close.

It's no surprise that the future Hall of Famer was at his wedding to Dr. Dana Blumberg, which took place at the Hall des Lumiéres in Tribeca.

Unfortunately, it's also not surprising that Brady's wife, Gisele Bündchen, also wasn't there.

The two have been on the fritz for months now, stemming back to Brady's quick 180 on retirement in the spring. Divorce lawyers have apparently been brought in, and Gisele's already at the stage of passively aggressively commenting on Instagram posts.

When that happens, folks, you're in trouble.

Anyway, Brady had plenty of old friends to keep him company, including Randy Moss, Drew Bledsoe and Vince Wilfork.

I mean, check out this Hall of Fame selfie!

Page Six also said that Brady spent a lot of the night mingling with someone named Jon Bon Jovi, along with Michael Rubin.

Other stars spotted at the wedding included Elton John, Ed Sheeran, David Zaslav, Roger Goodell, Tommy Hilfiger, Ari Emanuel and Adam Silver.

That's one hell of a guest list!

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