TikTok Fashion Influencer Divides Internet With New Thong Hack

We've apparently reached the 'wearing underwear as a shirt' portion of the 2023 calendar thanks to TikTok star Joslyn Sieling, and the internet is DIVIDED.

In a video posted last month but just recently went viral with nearly 10 million views, Joslyn debuts to the world her new DIY project: turning her bloomers into shirts.

“Wearing underwear as shirt ’cause I can,” she wrote to her nearly 300,000 followers before trying on various undergarments - ranging from Calvin Klein thongs to granny panties - in a 20-second video.

TikTok star Joslyn @Sieling.J wears her underwear as a shirt

Welp, you see something never every day, I reckon.

One second you're sitting here thinking you've got the whole underwear thing figured out, and then BAM, one short video changes everything.

And, yes, if you're anything like me you quickly noticed the armpits. I ain't here to judge Joslyn, so I'll leave that alone.

If she wants to rock thongs as a shirt and leave a little fuzz underneath, that's her choice, not mine.

If Robert California taught us ANYTHING about free will, it's that.

Side note: do yourself a favor and watch all 10 minutes of that clip. Robert California was the best character on The Office and that's not up for debate. Sorry.

Anyway, back to Joslyn, who sent the internet into a tizzy with her latest fashion hack.

“I mean if they clean and you haven’t worn them I don’t see a problem with it,” wrote one person, before someone else chimed in with a, “Just because you can doesn’t mean you should…”

Reno pipes up an obvious point: “There’s literal shirts like that just buy them."

Hanes - yes, that Hanes - then slides into her comments with a 'thumbs up!'

“This is so cute and creative!” the mega clothing chain writes.

So, what do we think? We hitting the bars tonight with our thongs under our chins, or just sticking with the boring, traditional t-shirt?

What a time to be alive. I guess.

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