TikTok Can’t Get Enough Of A Generation X Grandmother Who Goes By ‘CEO Of Cougar Watch’

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There are influencers out there on social media for literally everything. Woodworking influencer Wood Bunni taught us this and TikTok star Tara GenX is driving that point home with her barrage of nonstop hot granny/cougar content.

The self-proclaimed “CEO of Cougar Watch” has almost 875,000 followers across two accounts, and that’s just on TikTok alone. She has another almost 24,000 on Twitter and more than 123,000 on Instagram.

Tara GenX CEO of Cougar Watch
Hot grandmother TikTok can’t get enough of (Image Credit: Tara GenX/Instagram)

Those kinds of numbers make for one hot granny on cougar watch influencing empire. As you might expect from a following that the large, Tara’s comment sections on her social media accounts are an absolute minefield.

There are men half her age shooting their shot left and right with the Generation X grandmother. She literally has an audience eating out her hand. Here’s a sample of her cougar work on TikTok.

The 48-year-old from California has also branched out on to OnlyFans where she offers, “More Intimate Content Here… Stuff That’s To Sexy For IG and TikTok.”

Before becoming the hot granny herself, Tara was on the wrong end of the cougar dynamic. Her former husband had a thing for older women.

The CEO Of Cougar Watch Is An Incredible Title

She revealed in one of her videos, “The funny thing is my kid’s dad, back when I was married in my twenties and thirties, he was into grannies. Like granny porn.”

“And so that caused problems in our marriage, and you know, we ended up getting a divorce,” she continued. “Um, but I just think it’s hilarious, cause I know he’s watching. Hot granny!”

Tara is certainly a hot granny and one that TikTok can’t get enough of. If there is such a thing as a hot granny or cougar influencer, she has to be near the top of that list.

Gone are the days of the blue-haired cotton ball headed grandmothers. Grandmas these days is picking up dude’s their kids age.

Written by Sean Joseph

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