Tennis Ace Genie Bouchard Ready To Get Back In The Game After Mason Rudolph Split

Canadian tennis ace Genie Bouchard, just months removed from her breakup with Pittsburgh Steelers' QB Mason Rudolph, is ready to get back out there.

The 28-year-old, however, has a few boxes for you to check first before you become her doubles partner.

“Respectful, but also confident,” Bouchard said in the debut episode of the 'Golf, Mostly' podcast with Michelle Wie West and Hally Leadbetter earlier this week.

“I think confidence is very attractive and someone who’s funny, personality matters. After a while, looks fade, and if this is someone who is going to be someone for the future, then you got to make each other laugh and be friends.”

Turns out, poor Mason wasn't exactly making Genie spit out her drink.

Genie Bouchard reveals what she wants in a boyfriend

Bouchard, the former No. 5 tennis player in the world, is making her way back to the court from shoulder surgery and said the time off, and time home, has been a blessing as she renters the dating game.

“You can be normal, socialize, go on more dates than usual, but normally it’s very hard,” she said. “Now look, I’m going to be on the road for a month and just going to be in my room doing room service, hanging out with my coach.”

Sorry, fellas. You're too late. Check back in next month.

Bouchard and Rudolph dated for nearly two years before breaking up last spring, but the tennis star seems to be bouncing back nicely.

She attended the Canadian Grand Prix last summer, set the world on fire with a couple racy posts to her 2.3 million Instagram followers, and now she appears ready to get back on the court.

And if anyone out there plans on courting Bouchard themselves, here's one last piece of advice.

"It’s like my friends," she explains. "My friends are mostly out of tennis and I like to text or call someone and talk about totally different stuff than tennis because my entire day is tennis, so I feel like the same would apply to dating."

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