Mason Rudolph Makes It Instagram Official With Tennis Player Eugenie Bouchard

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We officially have confirmation that the Myles Garrett-Mason Rudolph helmet-swinging incident has paid off for both men. Rudolph, who was an unknown to the celebrity women around the U.S. before having his head caved in by his own helmet, made it official Sunday that he and Canadian tennis player Eugenie Bouchard are not only dating, they’ve entered the stage where the Steelers backup quarterback is comfortable enough to start posting couples pics on his Instagram.

You guys know it as well as I know it, this is like four stages before the couple buys a Goldendoodle. We’re clearly going to get a tropical vacation stage (Cabo, below, doesn’t count), the ESPYs/showing up at a major golf event stage and a Christmas stage before the Goldendoodle, but they’re clearly on a trajectory here.

Bouchard, who’s now down to the 141st ranked tennis player in the world, turns 27 next week and could very well see herself slowing down the tennis career to live the NFL girlfriend life. Maybe she plays a few select tournaments when it’s convenient, does some marketing deals to keep that line of cash flowing and then spends the rest of her time posting Instagrams of her life with Mason.

Meanwhile, Garrett’s PR team worked their tails off in 2020. They turned the Browns defensive end into the Walter Payton Man of the Year for performance on the field and in his community. Keep in mind, the Garrett helmet swinging incident was in October 2019. Just over a year later, Garrett had won one of the most prestigious awards an NFL player can take home.

Who won the Garrett-Rudolph incident? This one appears to be a draw. They’re both winners here.


Written by Joe Kinsey

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