Pat McAfee Addresses Future With College GameDay, WWE

There's no question that Pat McAfee has become one of the most popular rising media stars across the sports and entertainment landscape.

The former Indianapolis Colts kicker has seen enormous success with his The Pat McAfee Show which has brought him an almost cult-like allegiance from fans and followers alike. His combination of humor with a "say what I want, do as I want," attitude has allowed him to have runs across ESPN, SiriusXM, Barstool at one point, an extensive partnership with FanDuel and even the WWE.

In an extensive Twitter post on Thursday, McAfee addressed his current work-life situation as he and his wife are awaiting their first born child. (I had no idea you could fit this many words in a single tweet, so grab your coffee first)


One of the biggest takeaways from McAfee's novel of a post is his interesting comments about the WWE.

McAfee had been a weekly color analyst throughout last year on the wrestling promotion's WWE SmackDown program every Friday. However, he stepped away in the fall to focus on being a weekly panelist on ESPN's College Gameday. He surprised fans in January when he appeared on the broadcast booth during the Royal Rumble, but has been absent since.

“Baby girl on the way… what’s that mean for my future with @WWE?” McAfee asked. “I LOVE it but, they’re allegedly gonna be sold, who’s buying them? Do I want to work/make money for those people?"

There have been reports that WWE Executive Chariman Vince McMahon is looking into potential buyers for the promotion - including even the same Saudi Public Investment Fund that created the LIV Golf tour.

McAfee kind of said what many both inside and outside the wrestling business have wondered - if the WWE gets sold, what does that mean for the product, the wrestlers, the promotion, and especially the fans? Anytime a new owner comes in there are undoubtedly going to be changes involved. The new owners will undoubtedly make some changes and want to bring in their own people for certain roles.

Does this mean McAfee is self-eliminating himself over the top rope as if he was a wrestler that has had enough during a Royal Rumble match? We shall see in due time.


Pat then addressed his ESPN College GameDay situation.

"How about @CollegeGameDay? That was a good time… No long term deal in place but, I enjoyed the workload that came with being a part of one of the most iconic shows in the history of sports. I think we had the greatest year it’s had in like 2 decades or something ratings wise… fucking WILD.. I was told a lot of Old Whites weren’t gonna watch because of me "

He went on to joke that if GameDay is in his work schedule this season then he is "DEFINITELY getting a bus," which was a nice public contract negotiation on his part.


As far as his monster of a reported four-year, $120 million deal that he signed in 2001with FanDuel, McAfee alluded that it may not be continuing.

"We and the new group of FD execs don’t necessarily have the same philosophical views on stuff, nothing but love for them, they are doing their thing but, certainly a different way of operating these days.. we’ve been lucky to be with them since Day 1 of legalized sports gambling…" McAfee wrote.

Does that mean a potential buy-out or a shift in direction with FanDuel's new owners?

No one knows for sure. If anything, McAfee's Twitter post brought more questions than any significant answers. But he was able to at least address all his media responsibilities in one post.

And in typical McAfee fashion he wrapped up his post by joking about Brett Favre suing him.

"I'm still getting sued by Brett Favre... allegedly."