Pat McAfee Rips Nick Saban In Interview With OutKick’s Dan Dakich

Former NFL punter turned podcaster/broadcaster/professional wrestler Pat McAfee hopped on Monday’s episode of OutKick’s Don’t @ Me with Dan Dakich.

As you might expect, McAfee had some things to say, especially about Alabama head coach Nick Saban’s handling of the Jermaine Burton situation.

Burton was caught on camera hitting a female fan after the Crimson Tide’s loss to Tennessee on October 15.

McAfee talked to Dan Dakich about how he doesn’t think Burton looked like he was scared like Saban alleged, and couldn’t believe Burton wasn’t punished.

“I think obviously the video is completely contradictory to the fear (narrative)”, he said. “He looked very comfortable that whole time.”

The former West Virginia Mountaineer discussed his experiences as an opposing player when fans storm the field and acknowledged that it’s not a pleasant situation.

NEW YORK, NY – APRIL 06: Pat McAfee said the way Nick Saban and Alabama handled the Jermaine Burton incident put college football in a tough spot. (Photo by Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images for SiriusXM)

McAfee Said The Lack Of Punishment Is A Bad For College Football

He continued to say that the lack of punishment was a bad look for all of college football.

“It’s never a good experience, but I don’t know how Saban doesn’t punish that guy,” McAfee said, saying a punishment would have been smart even for the optics.

“It’s a terrible situation. I think they put all of college football in a bad spot by not punishing him,” McAfee before mentioned how ESPN’s Kirk Herbstreit has caught flack for not mentioning the situation on air.

“In my eyes,” McAfee said.”I don’t think Saban made the right play here. I think you have to at least do some sort of punishment.

“I’m happy to hear the girl’s okay, but anytime you put your hands on a woman, I think it should be a message sent to everyone, like, ‘Hey, we can’t have that in our particular community, our society. It’s not good for football, it’s not good for our program, and it’s certainly not good for you as a human.’

“I think there should’ve been some punishment, and I have no idea how it goes moving forward,” he said.

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  1. “but anytime you put your hands on a woman, I think it should be a message sent to everyone” REALLY @patmcafeeshow you take your clownass on college gameday every Saturday for a network that WON’T DEFINE WHAT A WOMAN IS

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