Over 17,000 People Didn't Vote For Tua Tagovailoa For Florida Senate Seat, But It'd Be Funny If They Did

Tua Tagovailoa nearly threw some aqua and orange into Florida's Red Wave election on Tuesday.

Miami Dolphins QB Tua Tagovailoa did not receive over 17,000 write-in votes to replace Marco Rubio in the race for the Florida Senate seat. But some folks on social media thought he did.

Tua Tagovailoa doesn't have the arm strength to win Florida Election

That's my QB1, baby! Tua Tagovailoa is THAT DUDE, and the Samoan lefty nearly shocked the world Tuesday night.

OK, he didn't really come close at all. Rubio, a Republican, ultimately crushed Democratic challenger Val Demings. Seriously, it was such a landslide the race was called before dinner.

PS: After further review it's not actually Tua Tagovailoa. But whatever. I bet Tuan Nguyen is still more accurate than Rubio.

You could understand the excitement. Tua and the Miami Dolphins have basically taken over the NFL at this point. All anyone can talk about is Tua, Tyreek Hill, Mike McDaniel and an absolutely lethal offense.

I'm sure Colin Cowherd will scoff at this and say Tua doesn't have the arm strength to win a senate seat, and that's fine.

Nobody moves the Tua goalposts quite like Colin, but he's made a career off that and I respect the grind.

But I'd take Tua's pinpoint accuracy, decision-making and SWAG over Marco Rubio any day of the week. Sorry, Marco. I'm a big fan otherwise, but it's tough to compete with what Tua is doing right now.

By the way, I think Tyreek Hill DEFINITELY would vote for Tua. I mean, look at his newest profile pic!

Everything is coming up Tua right now. He may have taken an L in this race, but he STILL hasn't lost a game this season in which he started and finished.

Not bad!

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