Olivia Dunne Goes Viral With Cowgirl-Themed TikTok Video

Olivia Dunne has been in a country mood lately.

Dunne, who is currently on an unreal content bender, has made it clear she's into country boys and also showed off her love for Morgan Wallen music in a recent TikTok video.

The woman loves her country music and country vibes. Who can blame her? It's a fun lifestyle to embrace.

Now, Dunne dropped a new video wearing what could be described as a cowgirl-themed outfit with the caption, "yeehaw."

There might not be any country music blasting in it, but she's still giving fans her best barrel racer impression.

Olivia Dunne just can't slow down.

In case you're wondering what kind of star power the LSU gymnast has, this video is a pretty good example of her influence.

Her little dancing act in an outfit you could find in a bar featured on "Yellowstone" has been viewed more than 1.6 million times since Friday night.

She's out here putting up better ratings than CNN!

At this point, it seems like Olivia Dunne could post a video of herself doing just about anything and it'd go viral.

Whether it's her favorite bikini - go ahead and give Zach Dean's latest nightcaps a read - throwing on a cowboy hat or just dancing, the views always come.

What will Olivia Dunne do next to light the internet on fire? Your guess is as good as mine, but it might seriously be time to see if she can find a role in the final few episodes of "Yellowstone."

We have the Morgan Wallen video, the cowboy hat video and this one with an outfit that might make the bunkhouse girls blush. She seems to be right in Taylor Sheridan's wheelhouse.

Until that happens, she'll just have to stick to crushing it on social media.

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