Olivia Dunne Seems Very Interested In Finding Herself A ‘Country’ Boy

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Gentlemen, you’re in luck if you rock a cowboy hat, work on a ranch, know how to use a lever-action rifle and are interested in Olivia Dunne.

The LSU gymnast, whose content bender is reaching legendary levels, recently made some serious waves online when she posted a video of herself wearing a cowboy hat while rocking out to some Morgan Wallen music.

She might be the only person online who isn’t furious with the country music star after he canceled his Ole Miss concert.

Dunne also recently implied on TikTok she’s not emotionally available to date because she’s busy being a star athlete. It’s a tale as old as time. As Michael Scott once said, he couldn’t play in the NHL because there simply wasn’t enough time to have a family. Very similar vibes.

Well, it appears there’s at least one exception to Dunne’s current line in the sand on dating:

Country Boys.

Olivia Dunne is a fan of country boys. (Mandatory Credit: Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports)

Olivia Dunne is a fan of country boys.

The LSU star posted a TikTok follow up to her Morgan Wallen video making it clear she’s into “country boys” yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Olivia Dunne made clear she’s a fan of “country boys.” (Credit: TikTok)

Below is a live look at every single male fan of Olivia Dunne who is hoping like hell they can shoot their shot after hearing this update.

Fire up your TVs and get ready to binge “Yellowstone” and any other western content you can find. That’s a field manual for how to be country for people who have no idea what it means.

Also, are we even sure Olivia Dunne knows what it means to be country? She’s from New Jersey and goes to school in Baton Rouge? That’s a long way from the ranches of Montana and the farms of Wisconsin.

What’s the over/under on how many real country people – not posers on Instagram – Olivia Dunne has in her phone? I’d set that line at 1.5.


a little commotion for the boots❕ #foryou

♬ Everything I Love – Morgan Wallen

Still, there’s almost certainly going to be a sudden surge of dudes wearing cowboy hats around LSU. I’d bet my life savings on that. Now, will all of these new “country boys” have any idea how to ride a horse, run a rifle or navigate rough terrain? Almost certainly not, but that doesn’t matter. It’s all about making an impression.

Best of luck, gentlemen. May the odds to convince Olivia Dunne you’re a cowboy be in your favor!

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