Olivia Dunne Wears Cowboy Hat, Rocks Out To Morgan Wallen In New Viral Video

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Morgan Wallen might be public enemy number one on the internet, but Olivia Dunne is still a fan.

The country music star has been getting absolutely destroyed online after he canceled a concert Sunday night at Ole Miss.

Wallen allegedly lost his voice and couldn’t perform. As you’d expect, people who opened their wallets to go weren’t pleased.

However, Olivia Dunne is very open about her fandom for Wallen.

Olivia Dunne is a Morgan Wallen fan.

While fans in Mississippi might have been watching the world burn in Oxford, Olivia Dunne was busy rocking out to Morgan Wallen while wearing a cowboy hat Sunday night.

It’s the crossover event nobody knew they needed, but it’s definitely something her fans enjoyed.


a little commotion for the boots❕ #foryou

♬ Everything I Love – Morgan Wallen

At the end of the day, Wallen can’t be too beat up if he knows Olivia Dunne is a fan. Sure, the rest of the internet hates him, but the LSU star clearly doesn’t.

You have to take your wins where you can get them. Yes, it’s wild he canceled a concert minutes before getting on stage, but at least Olivia Dunne is out here dropping impressive content.

Always look for the silver lining.

Olivia Dunne is a fan of Morgan Wallen. (Credit: Screenshot/TikTok Video https://www.tiktok.com/@livvy/video/7225413051393101102)

Dunne has also been on a content heater lately. Of course, that’s not a surprise. Dunne is known for regularly dropping viral content.

Pretty much every video she shares goes viral. There’s no doubt this one with Wallen’s music will too with a little more time.

The LSU gymnast can’t be stopped.

Olivia Dunne continues to be a star online. She posted a video of herself wearing a cowboy hat listening to Morgan Wallen. (Photo by Alex Goodlett/Getty Images)

Now that we know Dunne is a Morgan Wallen fan, at least he has something to smile about after being ripped to shreds on Twitter. The two might have to team up for a music video. Now, that’s a billion dollar idea. Cut me the check!

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