Morgan Wallen Cancels Ole Miss Concert, Twitter Melts Down In Hilarious Fashion

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People are livid Morgan Wallen canceled his Sunday concert at Ole Miss.

The most famous man in country music pulled the plug on his Sunday night show at Vaught Hemingway Stadium citing the fact he lost his voice, according to The AP.

Wallen’s decision to not perform came after the stadium was already rocking with the opening acts. Instead of seeing the country star come out, they were met with a message that refunds would be issued.

People are not happy with Morgan Wallen.

As you’d expect, people were blowing up social media with different reactions, and the overwhelming feeling appeared to be anger.

Now, as someone who wasn’t going, the reactions are hilarious. Not so much for the people who traveled to Oxford, Mississippi.

Do fans have a right to be outraged?

Again, these reactions are hilarious to me and others who weren’t attending. Anyone who says otherwise is lying to themselves.

However, if you bought very expensive tickets to see Morgan Wallen in Oxford and he cancels, you should absolutely be furious, and I say that as a huge fan of Wallen’s music.

Oxford isn’t exactly easy to get to. The tiny airport accommodates private jets (I can’t publicly confirm or deny any knowledge of flying private in and out of Oxford), and that means your options are driving or flying into Memphis and then driving to Ole Miss.

It’s a logistical headache. Imagine spending all the money, renting a hotel room making the journey and then Morgan Wallen cancels his second show in Oxford. If that’s not enough justification to complain on social media, nothing ever would be.

Morgan Wallen sparks outrage after canceling Ole Miss concert. He allegedly lost his voice. (Photo by John Shearer/Getty Images)

Up next is a show this Thursday in Grand Rapids, Michigan. For the sake of the good people in Michigan, let’s hope Wallen has found his voice. If not, the outrage will continue.

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