Morgan Wallen Falls During Louisville Performance, Plays It Off Like A Champ

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Few things could knock country superstar Morgan Wallen down these days. A Louisville stage is one of those things.

During a Thursday night stop in Louisville, Wallen was performing “Heartless,” the hit song he recorded with Diplo, when the stage got the best of him. Just moments into the song, Wallen was walking away from the band and towards the crowd when an elevated part of the stage did him dirty.

Wallen briefly stumbled, tried to catch his balance, but ultimately lost it. Within seconds he was sprawled out on the stage like a Playboy centerfold.

But, almost predictably, Morgan Wallen played the spill off in the coolest way possible. He didn’t miss a single note. This MF-er popped up faster than prom night wood. He kept crooning while staring into the eyes of adoring female fans just an arms length from the scene of the accident.

And somehow Wallen’s backwards hat didn’t move a damn inch.

Save some girls for the rest of us, will ya?

Seriously, who falls cooler than this guy? Name one person. It’s impossible for anyone to pull off a fall with this much swag.

Case in point, fellow musician Meghan Trainor. She’s all about that bass but not that fall.

No One Falls Like Morgan Wallen

You know who else is cool as shit but can’t fall and recover like Morgan Wallen? Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl. He’s the very definition of a rockstar and he’s taken a few onstage tumbles over the years, but even Grohl can’t monkey wrench his way back onto his feet without missing a beat like Wallen can.

Post Malone, samesies. My man hits the deck and stays on the ground longer than LeBron. I’m pretty sure Post actually injured his ankle in this one, but that’s beside the point. I’m willing to bet that Wallen could’ve been cut in half and he’d still have found a way to lock eyes with a nearby hottie and deliver the goods.

29-year-old Wallen’s just fine by the way. He continued the song and the concert after his fall and his One Night at a Time World Tour continues to roll through the country.

You might be able to knock down Spotify’s most streamed artist, but Wallen won’t stay down for long.

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Written by Anthony Farris

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