Olivia Dunne Clone Breckie Hill Shows Off Flexibility As War Escalates

The war between Breckie Hill -- the bad girl version of Olivia Dunne -- and the LSU gymnast herself continues to near a tipping point.

Like Hill, though, it hasn't boiled over ... yet.

The TikTok star, who initially made a name for herself when she was described as "Livvy with cannons," worked on her flexibility earlier this week while in Mexico and the footage went viral for obvious reasons.

Subtle shot at Olivia Dunne? Check.

Perfect camera angle? Check.

Weird Spiderman pose? Check.

Mix it all together, and you have millions and millions of views, and the internet influencer arms-race tightens up.

Breckie Hill continues assault on Olivia Dunne

That first video garnered over 2.6 million views, which instantly shot up the charts as one of Breckie's most-viewed TikToks ever. That second one, complete with the caption wanna see my flexibility? is a shot at Olivia Dunne if I've ever seen one.

This was has been brewing for months now, but appears to have escalated in recent weeks. In fact, Hill and Sydney Smith -- another up-and-coming college gymnast -- teamed up last weekend to take what many believed to be yet another shot at Dunne.

Responding to a TikTok from Hill that’s making fun of people (Dunne?) who thinks big boobs are a hindrance for wannabe college gymnasts across the world, Smith took a blowtorch to those same haters (Dunne??) with a 20-second rant that put everyone in their place.

“I don’t know why this was brought up in the first place, but it kinda made me laugh, because that’s just not true at all,” Smith said.

Fast-forward a few days, and Breckie seems hellbent on kicking this battle into high gear.

Dunne, meanwhile, has so far chosen to take the high road and avoided any confrontation. In fact, the LSU gymnast made it clear earlier this week that she's focused on one thing, and one thing only moving forward: a national title.

That and rocking out to Morgan Wallen songs -- assuming he has a voice.

We'll see how long our girl can keep those blinders on as the walls continue to close in.

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