Oh No! Russell Wilson Is So Unbearable Subway Pulled His 'Dangerwich'

Better get a "spiiiiiiiiiiiiicy" Russell Wilson 'Dangerwich' while you can, because Subway appears to be as done with Mr. Unlimited as Denver Broncos fans are.

In a stunning move (not really), the sub giant may have pulled Wilson's sandwich from the menu after intense backlash on social media for just how freaking awkward Wilson appears every single time the camera turns on.

Bottom line: he's no Jared (although that's also a very good thing, too).

Russell Wilson ruins another Subway commercial

It's so, so, so bad.

The word 'cringe' is thrown around a little too much nowadays, so I won't use that. Wilson is just so damn awkward in front of a camera, it's truly like watching a car crash.

I don't want to look anymore, I don't want to listen to him fly an airplane in a high-pitched voice, I don't want to see him 'drop down low' ... but I literally cannot look away.

It's mesmerizing ... but not as mesmerizing as his first Subway commercial this past summer!

Sorry, Russ ... I'm not sure it's "only in the vault" anymore, big guy.

Look, I really do (did) like Russell Wilson. Up until this year, I thought he was a good quarterback. And, when he was a good quarterback, I could let all the other terrible parts slide.

You can be 'Mr. Unlimited' if you're a good QB. No problem with that.

You can say, 'Let's Ride' a billion times if you're a good QB. That's perfectly fine.

Ride away, Russ!

You can even video yourself weirdly scrolling through your phone with your family yelling at every single swipe - even though we can't see what you're looking at or talking about it - if you're a good QB.

And I'll even allow you to change your accent while you're at it!

But once you start the season 2-4, are currently riding a three-game losing skid and have put up 11 and 16 points, respectively, in your two wins ... you can't be doing stuff like this and get away with it.

Frankly, you're no longer dangerous. You're just dumb!

Social media, as the always do, took a blowtorch to Wilson's latest Subway fail and they may have just won. Several Twitter Sleuths pointed out Friday that Wilson's 'Dangerwich' is no longer on Subway's Vault menu.

For what it's worth, it's no longer available at my local Subway, either. That's Big J journalism right there, folks.

In case you didn't get to try Wilson's (perhaps) defunct sammy, don't worry - OutKick has you covered!

Here are the ingredients:

Pepperoni, salami, black forest ham, provolone cheese and bacon on Italian Herbs and Cheese bread, topped with lettuce, green peppers, tomatoes, and banana peppers, and finished with yellow mustard and mayo."

It's literally an Italian sub with bacon, but without the 2-4 start.

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