Another Absurdly Cringe Russell Wilson Subway Video Surfaces

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Russell Wilson needs to take a break from all content related to Subway.

The Denver Broncos QB is struggling mightily through six games, but that might not be his biggest problem. Wilson’s biggest problem might be the fact there are multiple cringe videos out there of him promoting Subway.

Back in late September, Russell Wilson got ruthlessly dragged for an old Subway ad he filmed, and a second one that’s somehow worse has hit the web.

In the latest ad, Wilson is trying to present some bad boy persona while talking about the Dangerwich, which is his special sandwich.

Watch the latest abomination of an ad below. It’s comically bad.

How does Russell Wilson fall into these traps?

Wilson needs to start firing people. He might not have any other options left. One bad ad is excusable.

It’s not ideal, but it’s excusable. Everyone throws a bad pass, makes a mistake from time to time or ends up doing an ad campaign that wasn’t really thought out.

Another terrible Russell Wilson Subway video goes viral. (Credit: Screenshot/Twitter Video

You can forgive one mistake. However, you can’t forgive multiple terrible ads like this from Russ. It just can’t happen.

This video is almost like a parody film of what his critics might create to mock him. It definitely doesn’t seem real, and yet, it’s going viral all over the web.

Also, why the hell is he dressed like a hipster punk who works at a Portland coffee shop if he’s trying to act like a grade-A badass? That is not how edgy dudes dress. Not at all.

Second embarrassing Russell Wilson Subway video surfaces. (Credit: Screenshot/Twitter Video

To sum it up, this tweet response might perfectly capture how fans of the 2-4 Denver Broncos feel about watching Wilson continue to get roasted and dragged online.

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