Meghan Markle Podcast Might Be Over After 12 Grueling Episodes

After 12 episodes of her grueling (for the listener) podcast, Meghan Markle could be hanging up her headphones.

But that's if she ever even threw them on to begin with.

Spotify shelled out $18 million for the honor of having Markle's Archetypes podcast exclusively on their platform.

The show dealt with "the labels and tropes that try to hold women back" (if that made you want to quit reading this and go have a listen, it won't hurt my feelings).

The final episode of the series' first season included — gasps —men, for the very first time. And what better examples of modern men than the two Markle welcomed on to her show: Judd Apatow and Trevor Noah.

While there was no word on additional episodes of her series — which would mean Spotify paid $1.5 million per episode — Markle said she felt "seen" thanks to the show.

Which is nice because, if there was one thing she was lacking, it was attention.

She then wrapped up with a quote from Greek poet Dinos Christianopoulos, and yes, it's every bit as cringe-inducing as you think it'll be.

"What didn't you do to bury me? But you forgot that I was a seed," she said.

You tell 'em, sister. If you counted Megan Markle out, she showed you by doing just over 12 hours of work. Work that Spotify practically had to beg her to do.

The streaming platform was reportedly frustrated by the frequency of her episodes. Twelve episodes of the show were released over two years.

That's less work for more money than Howard Stern does these days. I thought that was impossible, but #GirlBoss Meghan Markle made it happen.

Or did she?

One guest, author Ali Yarrow, seemed to imply that Markle wasn't even in on recording the episode, but had her "incites" edited in after the fact.

She gave a shoutout to one of the show's producers, calling her an "excellent interviewer."


Well, at least they were world-shatteringly popular, right?

Uh... not quite.

The show sits at No. 33 on Spotify's podcast charts but has been much lower than that at times. The company was also accused of giving the show a bump to the top of its charts, despite individual episodes being significantly farther down the list.

So what does this mean? Could it mean that the rest of the world finds Markle as insufferable as the Royal Family seems to?

That couldn't be it. What's there not to like about a moderately-successful actress who wants to lecture everyone about how her old gig as a Deal Or No Deal case model made her feel like a "bimbo?"

If we're being frank, not a whole hell of a lot, and it seems podcast listeners feel the same way.

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