‘Mighty Ducks’ Star Sold Judd Apatow’s Computer For Drugs

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This year is the thirtieth anniversary of The Mighty Ducks, a movie that got so popular, it spawned an NHL franchise. For one of the movie’s stars — Shawn Weiss, who played the team’s Philly-born goalie, Goldberg — a lot has happened in those thirty years.

Weiss as Goldberg in The Mighty Ducks in 1992.

Not all of it was good. Especially the time he sold Judd Apatow’s computer for drug money.

Weiss’ struggles with addiction are well-documented. It got so bad in his 30s that he wound up living on the street. Shocking photos of the drug-addled former star made the rounds on social media.

Fortunately, Weiss has been sober for three years. Now, he wants to clear the air with Judd Apatow.

Two of Weiss’ other big credits are the 1995 film Heavyweights and the cult-favorite TV series Freaks And Geeks, both of which Apatow was involved with. Not only did Apatow get Weiss work, but he was also the one who helped him get into rehab once things started to spiral.

Apatow Was A Mentor To Weiss

In an appearance on the “Dopey” podcast, Weiss talked about his relationship with Apatow.

“I went to rehab … Judd Apatow put me in a rehab place,” the former Mighty Ducks backstopper said. “He was giving me a chance … that was the other thing that was really heartbreaking, too. He was really being my mentor and teaching me how to write and giving me different jobs and assignments that really cultivated me as a writer.”

Weiss explained that Apatow even hooked him up with a gig writing jokes for the Oscars, but his drinking was out of control.

“It was basically alcohol that did this. We basically had a conversation one time and I was saying ridiculous things to him and I was raising my voice,” Weiss said. “And he just said, ‘If you don’t stop now, how you’re acting, I’m not going to help you.’ He basically warned me, ‘Stop now, don’t proceed any further,’ and I did not stop. I got even worse.”

Weiss said he hasn’t spoken to him ever since that moment.

Shaun Weiss appeared in a bunch of movies and TV shows in the 90s but wound up homeless in his 30s. (Photo by Bobby Bank/Getty Images)

Weiss Talked About Selling A Computer Apatow Gave Him

Before their falling out, Apatow had given Weiss his old laptop, the same one he used to write The 40-Year-Old Virgin.

“It was a PowerBook, but like, decked the f–k out,” Weiss said. “It was probably like a $5,000 laptop at the time. One you can’t even really buy.”

Still, when Weiss was living in a Los Angeles park and looking to make some money for a fix, he sold the laptop for just $60.

“That was hard, that loss,” he said. “Now I was crossing the line … when you take your f–king laptop and pawn that s–t, you’re not a writer anymore.”

Dopey host Manheim suggested Weiss contact Apatow to try to make amends.

“This is really good advice,” Weiss said. “That’s good advice because there may be a part of him that wonders in the back of his heart — the decency of this guy — can’t he reach out and apologize to me? He might be waiting on that, you’re right.”

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