Kim Petras, Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Cover Model, Is A Biological Male

Kim Petras, who graces the cover of the 2023 Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition, is a dude. Or was a dude.

As OutKick’s Bobby Burack noted yesterday, Kim Petras is one of four SI cover models and is a biological male.

Petras had gender confirmation surgery at the age of 16. Per The Daily Telegraph, Petras is believed to be the youngest person in the world to have had such a surgery.

At 16, I obtained my driver’s license. Potato, potahto.

I’ll be honest, the 2020’s have been nuts and very little surprises me. But I certainly wasn’t expecting nuts to also accompany the most famous swimsuit publication in the world. Yet, here we are.

The now 30-year-old Petras joins 81-year-old Martha Stewart, - that’s not a typo - Megan Fox and Brooks Nader as SI’s 2023 cover models.

This, Clearly, Isn’t Your Dad’s Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition

Admittedly, I’m just fine with SI cover models having the uptops enhanced. Hell, I expect it. But I certainly wasn’t expecting the plumbing to have undergone any serious renovations.

But, alas, here we are. If Nike can use a biological man to sell its sports bras and Bud Light can advertise their beer courtesy of a banana-wielding lady, we shouldn’t be overly surprised that SI wanted a seat at the transgender table.

How very left of them.

“No matter what your gender or sexuality or any of that stuff is, it’s about what you make of life and it’s about what’s inside of you and all of that, so I hope that can be inspiring to people,” Petras told SI upon being revealed as a cover model.

For those scoring at home, no dream is too big to realize, assuming you have, or once had, a penis.

Want to be a spokesperson for Nike’s women’s products and have a twig and berries? You’re in luck. Think that hammer’s going to prevent you from appearing on the cover of Sports Illustrated’s swimsuit edition? Wrong. Just ensure you buy yourself some flotation devices first. Have your sights set on dominating biological females in the pool – more good news!

And I’m not here to knock Petras. More power to them for being a biological male and still gracing the cover of the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition. Who'd have thunk it?

Maybe one day we’ll all have a Bud Light and laugh about how ridiculous it all was.

On second thought, probably not.

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