Kay Adams Shoots Her Shot With Shams, Who Shoots Right Back

Kay Adams is thirsty for a little Shams Charania.

Adams, the former 'Good Morning Football' host, sent Shams SEVERAL warning shots during their interview on Adams' new 'Up And Adams' show this week.

At one point, the 36-year-old host even told arguably the NBA's most plugged-in reporter that they were bound to reproduce.

Take a look, and buckle in.

Shams Charania lets Kay Adams know he's listening

Kay! You weren't just kidding, come on. That's the oldest trick in the book.

We've all see The Office episode where Michael Scott is giving the hot bartender a presentation on their printers, and (not so) subtly mixes in the word "SEX" at the very end.

That's what Kay did right here to our guy Shams, making a subtle "when we have kids" joke only to quickly say JK, JK.

We all know, though. We know.

Anyway, Kay wasn't done. And neither was Shams!

Guys, this is early morning programming, not late night Cinemax! Get a room.

Kay shoots her shot first, and Shams comes right back and lets her know he's all ears. Do we have our next big love story on our hands?

Stay tuned. If anyone is gonna break the news, it's Shams.

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