Joe Biden Sang Happy Birthday To MLK III's Wife And Forgot Her Name

Ever been in the middle of a song you've sung 500 times and then all of a sudden you forget one verse and just mumble for 10 seconds hoping nobody around you notices? Well, then you have something in common with President Joe Biden!


Now, to be fair, I think I've done it twice already today. Seriously. I forget lyrics all the time, mainly because I don't really listen to them in the first place.

Difference is, though, when I do it I'm usually in my car or the shower (or a bar, depending on the day). Tough to catch me in the act.

When the President of the US of A does it, well ...

Joe Biden forgets Arndrea Waters' name on Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Oh no, Joe! Tough, TOUGH scene here. But I'll be honest with you, this might be the most relatable Joe Biden has ever been.

This is funny as hell, and I don't care who you voted for. If we can't all collectively laugh at Joe Biden forgetting Arndrea Waters' name on MARTIN LUTHER KING JR. DAY, then I don't know what to tell you. Stop taking life so seriously and laugh a bit.

He was doing so well, too. Remembered it was her birthday, nails the first few lyrics of the song, and then BAM, absolute chaos!

"Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday dear Vallllllivrhfiyrey, Happy Birthday to you!"

Hilarious, and I don't care which side of this miserable political spectrum you're on. Funny is funny, and that's good clean humor right there.

It's just an awful feeling when your forget someone's name - Doug Heffernan once faked a heart attack when he did it (if you know, you know) - but I couldn't imagine doing it with a hot mic in my hand and everyone watching me.

I'd also just pull the plug and hope everyone thought it was technical difficulties. Hell, I think I'd fake passing out before just mumbling for three incoherent seconds.

Gotta respect Joe for just going for it, though. Don't have to respect the price of gas or eggs, but I respect this.

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