Joe Biden Draws Bill O'Brien Comparisons For 'Getting Fleeced' In Griner Trade

The fellas in analytics have run the numbers, and Joe Biden's trade with Russia for Brittney Griner is no better than Bill O'Brien inexplicably trading away DeAndre Hopkins for a sack of potatoes.

In case you missed it, Biden pulled the trigger Thursday on Russia's offer to exchange WNBA player Brittney Griner for Russian arms dealer Viktor Bout, aka ‘The Merchant of Death.'

The move brings Griner back home after nearly a year in a Russian prison, sends Viktor - known to be the most notorious arms deal in the history of the world - back to Russia, and didn't include former U.S. Marine Paul Whelan, who is still sitting in a Russian prison after being accused of spying in 2018.

While it's always good to get one of our own back home, the internet (and Micah Pollard) did a little Monday Morning Quarterbacking after the league office pushed the trade through, and the returns weren't great.

And by that, I mean Biden drew comparisons to Bill O'Brien, who is quite possibly the worst negotiator in the history of professional sports.

Joe Biden's Griner deal gives off Bill O'Brien vibes

Yikes. Never good to be compared to Bill O'Brien, especially when it comes to wheelin' and dealin'.

O'Brien once traded DeAndre Hopkins - a three-time All-Pro and future Hall of Famer - to the Arizona Cardinals for ...

David Johnson and a second round pick.

Not great!

O'Brien, now at Alabama, also dealt TWO first round picks and a second rounder to the Miami Dolphins for Laremy Tunsil and Kenny Stills.

If you do a little 'six degrees of Kevin Bacon-ing,' that trade ultimately helped the Dolphins acquire Terron Armstead, Tyreek Hill AND Jaylen Waddle.

Tunsil is still on the Texans and a very good player, but Stills is out of the league.

That same year, Billy O also traded away Jadeveon Clowney to the Seahawks and only managed to get a third round pick in return.

Other ... questionable ... moves made during O'Brien's terrible Houston tenure include giving up a third rounder for Duke Johnson (!!!), and trading away an offensive tackle for Carlos Hyde just weeks before the Chiefs were going to ultimately cut Hyde anyways.

Come on, Bill. Gotta be patient if you're gonna win a trade!

Biden, on the other hand, appeared to be plenty patient on paper, letting Griner sit in a Russian jail cell for nearly a year before pulling the trigger.

Unfortunately, though, the move didn't pass the sniff test with Mother Internet.

Can't imagine why trading 'The Merchant of Death' for a WNBA player, while a Marine gets left behind, didn't sit well with people.

Oh well. Can't please everyone!

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