Jeff Bezos Torched For Cringe Handshake, Yapping With Roger Goodell On Thursday Night Football

Jeff Bezos is in Kansas City for tonight's Thursday Night Football Amazon Prime debut between the Chiefs and Chargers, and the Amazon founder has set Twitter ablaze.

For starters, tonight apparently marks the first time in his very successful career that he's shook a hand.

What in the world is THAT?

I've seen a lot of handshakes over the years. I played baseball for 15 years, and had to learn so many different handshakes your head would spin.

But I've never seen that method.

The internet, of course, pounced.

How about the biceps on Bezos, too? Absolute cannon of an arm, I'll give him that. Guess that's what $150 billion gets you.

The Amazon founder eventually made his way up the suites at Arrowhead Stadium, where he plopped his billion dollar butt right next to everyone's favorite commissioner.

Roger Goodell and Bezos sat side-by-side for most of the first half, and Twitter couldn't help but be a fly on the wall.

NFL fans give Amazon Thursday Night Football mixed reviews

All in all, an eventful first half in KC!

As for the actual Amazon Prime product, viewers have so far been mixed. Some have liked it, others have called it awful and vowed never to buy it, and some have experienced buffering issues.

Hey, at least we get Al Michaels! No Kirk Herbstreit slide, though.

Feel like that's a missed opportunity.

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