NFL Makes Amazon Prime Debut But Not Everyone Is Thrilled

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The NFL has made its debut on Amazon Prime Video, a streaming service, for the first time Thursday night and its historic because the game between the Los Angeles Chargers and Kansas City Chiefs is not on broadcast television or cable.

It should be a great game.

But not everyone is a fan.

The Chiefs celebrated this change by placing Amazon Fire TV Sticks for reporters in the press box.

The Chiefs welcomed Amazon executive chairman Jeff Bezos to the game and trumpeted his presence on their social media.

But not everyone is a fan. And lots of people who would otherwise watch this game won’t be because of the platform it is on.

Consider this …

And this …

Cable is not free but, OK.

More …

And this …

There’s no doubt the ratings for this game would be huge on its combined NFL Network and FOX Sports it was on the last couple of years. And the expectation that will be lower on Prime, at least initially.

That’s the cost of doing something new and not necessarily available to everyone — a problem the NFL likely considered when it awarded these games to Amazon.

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  1. Only complaint so far is Michaels seems like he never knows what is going on. Not sure if he has bad feeds in the booth or is just really lacking energy but he hasn’t been great. Herbstreet is great

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