Instagram's Bri Teresi Pumps Bud Lights Full Of Lead At The Gun Range, Sends A Message To Woke Lingerie Company

If Bud Light executives thought the right and Instagram superstar Bri Teresi would forget about the Dylan Mulvaney protest, they've got another thing comin'.

Teresi, who is a Donald Trump superfan, uploaded a video Tuesday afternoon showing her going Kid Rock on what looks like a couple of cases of Bud Light and a row of bras.

"GO WOKE GO BROKE," Teresi commented (caps are her emphasis) on her patriotic video showing the full force of biological women who are pissed off.

In a quick Instagram DM exchange, because I like to go Big J journalist from time to time, Teresi says this video is a follow-up to her cutting ties with Honey Birdette, the lingerie company she cut ties with after it used a biological male to model a bra and panties.

"In this video, I am shooting at balloons filled with paint above Honey Birdette lingerie. As well as Bud Light that was donated by friends because they no longer want it and Tampax tampons. All these brands have gone woke," she added in our IG DM exchange.

Hey woke brands, get some, Teresi style!

According to one report this week, Bud Light sales saw a 17% drop in dollars sold and a volume drop of 21% for the week of April 15. Keep in mind the Mulvaney controversy flared up on April 1.

The Bud Light vice president who greenlit the Mulvaney campaign is now on a leave of absence and it sounds like she's not coming back. And just this week, it was announced that the Anheuser-Busch executive who was over the Bud Light executive has also decided to take a leave of absence.

“Given the circumstances, Alissa (Heinerscheid) has decided to take a leave of absence which we support. Daniel (Blake) has also decided to take a leave of absence,” the beer company told the Wall Street Journal.

And now you have Teresi keeping the pressure on with a video that's guaranteed to create headlines in tabloids around the world.

It was an interesting marketing strategy from Bud Light. From the look of things, it's not working out so well for all involved.

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