Insanely Strong Mother Turns Airport Into Warzone After Losing Kids

You wanna know what happens when an Alabama woman gets stranded at a Florida airport?

Nothing. Nothing good happens!

Think I'm being dramatic? Well, take a looksie at some WILD video captured this week down in Miami of 25-year-old Camila McMillie unleashing holy hell on anything and everything in sight after her two kids went missing.

And by "missing," I mean they went to the bathroom without telling her, which turned out to be UNFORTUNATE timing for a couple airport employees, desks and computers.

Mother destroys Miami airport after kids go missing

My goodness. What anger. What rage!

As one concerned bystander poignantly asked, "where the hell is security!?" And she's right. How in the world did Camila here get away with this for so long?

And why was the poor woman in the reindeer antlers the only one who had the nuts to stand up to her?! I mean, come on, people. I know it's 2022 and videoing insane people instead of stopping them is all the rage, but when you do NOTHING, this is what happens:

Poor lady was just trying to enjoy the holidays with her Rudolph antlers and then BAM, computer to the shoulder. According to reports, that shoulder suffered some bruising while Miami International suffered around $10,000 in property damages.

Anyway, turns out all of this started when Camila - an Alabama mother of two on her way to New York - turned around and realized her two kids were gone. According to the police report, she then turned "irate" and "violent" (you don't say!) when she asked the American Airlines agent for help.

After literally ripping down an entire computer stand, rolling around on the ground and throwing keyboards at unsuspecting employees, Camila found the kids: they wandered off to the Porta John (that's a fancy word for 'bathroom' in Florida and Alabama) without telling her.

Maybe let mom know next time, kiddos.

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