Elizabeth Hurley Is Stranded At Antigua Airport Without Water & Food After British Airways ‘Technical’ Issue

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How dare British Airways treat the lovely Elizabeth Hurley, who is practically royalty in Great Britain, like this, especially during Christmas week.

The actress tweeted early Tuesday morning that she was living through airport hell in Antigua where she her plane was delayed 20 hours and the airport didn’t have food or water.

“Pretty dodgy service,” the 57-year-old star of new release “Christmas in the Caribbean” (on Amazon Prime) tweeted early this morning from the Antigua airport.

By 7 a.m., Hurley was still stuck, but she had managed to “escape” the airport. This was supposed to be a happy week. “Christmas in the Caribbean” even received a review calling the movie “oddly watchable” from a U.K. movie critic, which tells you this one is a must-watch.

But no, she can’t even get on the couch just days before the big day to watch her movie while snuggled up with her favorite winter blanket. Thanks, British Airways.

Someone better correct this nonsense IMMEDIATELY.

British Airways says a “technical” issue has led to trouble with flights to Heathrow and Gatwick airports and has led to hours-long delays in the U.S. and the Caribbean. This isn’t just an Antigua thing, according to airline officials.

Things are so bad that many people aren’t sure they’ll make it home for Christmas.

“Captain of our British Airways flight just said that their flight computers have been down for two hours worldwide and no BA plane can file a flight plan? Seems not ideal. Anyway just chillin’ on the tarmac here at JFK, being cool,” a traveler tweeted Monday ngiht.

“British Airways’ system has been down worldwide for 3 hours now; Captain said the last time this happened (earlier this year, wtf), it took 2-3 hours once the system came back online. (Putting this all here so other people stranded can find it, in case it’s helpful for them),” he added.

While there are thousands of travelers who’ve suffered from this “technical” issue, our thoughts here in the OutKick Culture Department are with Elizabeth during this difficult time.

Here’s to hoping she makes it home in time to relax a little bit before Santa comes down the chimney.

Written by Joe Kinsey

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