Elizabeth Hurley’s New Christmas Movie Looks Like A Must-Watch

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Are you looking for a Christmas movie to watch at midnight after your wife’s been sleeping for three hours after she told you “not tonight” — yet again?

The amazing Elizabeth Hurley, 57, has a movie out that you’ll want to find on your favorite streaming device (Amazon Prime has it). “Christmas in the Caribbean” is being described as a holiday romance movie where “a hopeless romantic is jilted at the altar.”

Hurley plays the character of Rachel, the beautiful bride who is treated like crap by a low-down dirty dog.

“Not to let her Christmas in the Caribbean honeymoon go to waste, Rachel and her two bridesmaids jet off to the islands, where love blossoms and she has to make a life choice,” Rotten Tomatoes reports.

Elizabeth Hurley Christmas movie
Rachel, played by Elizabeth Hurley, finds love in the Caribbean after being left at the altar by some real scumbag. / Instagram

Now that you’re hooked on the storyline, I can report that Downtown Julie Brown, 59, of MTV fame, has a role in the movie as does some hornball named Edoardo Costa who ends up showing Hurley how a real man treats a woman. 

Look, you can watch “Christmas Vacation” for the 800th time or you can try something new at midnight while your wife gets 12 hours of sleep — again.

Let’s see some of the early reviews for Hurley’s new masterpiece:

Hater Anna in the U.K. writes: “An exciting late contender for 2022’s worst movie.”

Another hater named Kevin Maher from the Times in the UK writes: “It’s all fantastically vapid, terribly shot and excruciatingly performed. And yet, Hurley, like a strange floundering swan, remains oddly watchable. It’s car-crash cinema.”

BOOM, there’s the review you needed. “Oddly watchable.”

Because Elizabeth Hurley still looks like a million bucks and she’s in a bikini in the Caribbean finding love during a Christmas holiday vacation. Don’t beat around the bush, Kevin. You’re mesmerized because Hurley still shoves these Instagram pretenders in a locker with her insane looks on the backside of her career.

Take it from Kevin. Find this movie.

Watch it.

Written by Joe Kinsey

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