Herschel Walker Quotes Ricky Bobby As Georgia Senate Race Nears Finish Line

The Georgia Senate race is barreling towards a runoff (great, another month of this!), and Herschel Walker is digging DEEP into his bag for a little extra motivation.

And by deep, I mean fictional - yet heroic - movie character Ricky Bobby.

“I’m like Ricky Bobby - I don’t come to lose,” he said Tuesday at his suburban Atlanta watch party.

I like it! We're in crunch time right now, and Walker knows he needs to close this bad boy out.

Who better to draw inspiration from then Will Ferrell's iconic character from the 2006 hit film? Ricky Bobby NEVER started a race he didn't think he'd win, and neither does our former Heisman winner.

Will Herschel Walker beat Raphael Warnock for Georgia Senate?

Walker and Democrat Raphael Warnock are locked in an absolute BATTLE right now for the highly coveted Georgia Senate seat, and - unlike Herschel during his Georgia days - it appears to be going nowhere fast.

With 97% of the vote in, Warnock has 49.4% of the vote compared to Walker’s 48.5%. Both fellas need to get 50% or more of the vote to avoid a Dec. 6 runoff that looks increasingly likely.

“That’s where we are, so y’all just hang in there,” Warnock told supporters late Tuesday. “I’m feeling good.”

Warnock was elected via runoff back in 2020, so he knows a thing or two about winning that type of race.

But he hasn't gone up against Ricky Bobby, either. So buckle up.

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