Gisele Offers Tom Brady Ultimatum And It's A BIG Ask During The Season

Well, it's happened. Gisele Bündchen has offered the floundering Tom Brady one last life jacket as the two lawyer up and get ready to untie the knot.

The Brazilian Supermodel has reportedly told Brady to either leave football, or they are DONEZO.

“Gisele told Tom either he leaves football to spend time with the family or she is gone for good,” an insider told Us Weekly Wednesday.

Simple as that, Tom!

Tom Brady, Gisele bring in Tiger Woods' divorce lawyer

Brady and Gisele have been in the public eye for months now as their longtime marriage barrels toward an unfortunate divorce.

It all started back in the spring when Brady un-retired after five minutes, leading to a pissed off Gisele that had already been reportedly festering for years over his continued obsession with the NFL.

Brady then left training camp for a few weeks in August to reportedly appease Gisele for an already-scheduled family vacation. But it appears the gesture just wasn't enough.

The have recently lawyered-up, according to friends, with Gisele bringing in the same cat who represented both Tiger Woods and Jeff Gordon in their respective splits.

Another insider told US Weekly that Gisele is mainly worried about Brady's health, which is another reason she's offered him this ultimatum.

"She doesn’t want him to continue to get injured and not be able to enjoy life in the future. She is doing it for her family."

Did Tua injury spook Gisele about Brady?

Frankly, I'm not so sure about that one, pal.

Everything else - the divorce lawyers, the ultimatum, the ill-fated family vacation - I can somewhat believe.

But you're telling me that after over a decade of watching her husband play football and NEVER once getting hurt - seriously, Brady literally doesn't get hurt outside of the ACL - you're all of a sudden worried about his health?

Nope. Not buying it. That's where I draw the line.

And don't come at me with the Tua stuff, either. Gisele has watched plenty of players stretchered off the field since she's been married to Brady. Not good enough!

Anyway, things appears to be reaching a boiling point between these two. Good thing Brady has the NFL season to distract him, right?

Whoops. Nevermind.

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