Fat Joe Feels Effects Of Inflation But Thinks Joe Biden Is The Answer

Rapper Fat Joe has talked about how out-of-control inflation has taken its toll on his family.

When rappers are feeling the effects of how bad inflation has gotten, can we officially call it a serious problem?

I've seen MTV Cribs, this should be a major red flag.

The man responsible for the 2004 hit "Lean Back" spoke to Yahoo Finance about the state of the economy and the crushing inflation.

"My wife is upset with the economy because everybody's doing terrible out here — and we have more friends that are middle class to poor than we have rich friends," Fat Joe said. "You know, my wife came home from the supermarket. She had one bag. She was like: 'It was $350… one bag.' It's crazy."

Now it's worth noting that Fat Joe did not specify which grocery store this was. If it was a Trader Joe's, a Publix, or a Kroeger I'd be shocked and appalled.

If it was a Whole Foods, that sounds like she may have hit a sale.

Still, can you imagine dropping $350 on a single bag of groceries? Unfortunately, you probably can, because for a lot of people that's just the reality at the moment.

Fat Joe Recognizes The Problem... But Not The Solution

The rapper went on to talk about the days of being able to get a gallon of milk and a pack of cigarettes (which sounds like a well-balanced breakfast) for under $10.

While Fat Joe, was on the money when it comes to calling out inflation, he seems to be a touch misguided in how this problem gets solved.

"So we got to turn it around," he said. "We need Joe Biden."

Do we though?

He continued. "We fought hard to get the Democrats in power. We need to see what they got."

Well, Fat Joe. We've already seen what Forgetful Joe and his pals have got, and it ain't great.

"They can do it. Anything's possible. I'm a believer. But thus far, I'm waiting to see the results."

Hate to break it to you, Fat Joe: you're going to be waiting a long, long time before you see any results.

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