Elon Musk Finds '#StayWoke' Shirts In Empty Twitter Office

Elon Musk stumbled upon a piece of Twitter history this week and shared it with the world.

Tucked away in one of the closets at Twitter HQ were a stack of black shirts with the the phrase "#StayWoke" stripped across the front.

In a since-deleted tweet, Musk said the shirts "stem from the Ferguson protests” over the 2014 Missouri police shooting of 18-year-old Michael Brown.

“Obama’s own DOJ proved this & exonerated the cop,” Musk also said in the tweet, which he then deleted and instead simply posted a link to the copy of the federal report that concluded there was no reliable evidence that Brown had his hands up.

Anyway, Musk found the old shirts sitting in an empty office - I hear there are a lot of those at Twitter nowadays - and couldn't help but laugh.

“Found in closet at Twitter HQ fr,” he captioned the video, adding two laughing emojis to the message.

“Here we are, at the merch thing, and there’s an entire, entire closet full of hashtag woke T-shirts,” Musk says in the video.

Elon Musk laughs at '#StayWoke' Twitter shirts

I know they were made nearly a decade ago, but does anything better summarize Twitter over the past few years than a stack of #StayWoke shirts? It's literally the reason Musk bought the site in the first place.

It certainly wasn't for the money or the friendships!

Anyway, the video has been viewed over 15 million times as of Wednesday afternoon and has over 85K retweets. One of those was former Twitter employee 'Sio,' who responded to Musk's tweet with a simple request: please don't throw these shirts away.

No word on what Elon what will do with the artifacts, but I'm sure he'll let us know.

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