Dwight Howard Can't Stop Farting, Former Miss Alabama Reveals

Dwight Howard not only has sex with a superman cape on, he also farts like there's no tomorrow.

What a sentence.

The NBA superstar was outed by Hannah Brown - a former "Bachelorette" contestant AND Miss Alabama - for apparently farting like he owns the place while the two were on set of the new FOX (great company!) reality show "Special Forces: World's Toughest Test".

"It was probably tougher than it can ever be captured on camera," Brown told TMZ earlier this week. "It was incredible, but like, incredibly challenging in every way because there's no break.

"Dwight Howard was across from me farting the whole time. The bathroom situation, it was like 108 degrees inside, it was a lot."

Dwight Howard won't stop farting around Hannah Brown

Man, tough spot here for Dwight Howard. It's never fun to wake up on a Saturday and start you weekend off by being accused of ripping farts in hellish weather. Just no fun for anyone involved.

It's been a heck of a few months for Howard, too. Remember, the eight-time NBA All-Star told Julia Rose and Jake Paul recently that he does indeed have sex with his superman cape on, which is such a power move it makes my head want to explode.

Shortly after that, the former NBA champion for some reason decided to continue his basketball career with the Taoyuan Leopards ... in Taiwan.

Seems like a lateral move to me, but hey, I'll NEVER have the confidence to have sex with a cape on, so who am I to judge Dwight Howard?

Anyways, Brown later said that conditions on set were ROUGH, even without Howard's constant farting.

And by rough, I mean the bathroom situation sounds like something straight out of Little House.

"It was like a bucket, basically, with flies," she said of the toilet.

Sounds like a blast.

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