Donald Trump Dances, DJs Halloween Party With 'Old Joe Biden'

Donald Trump pulled out all the stops for his Mar-a-Lago Halloween Bash earlier this week.

The former President played DJ most of the night, danced his heart away, and dressed up as the most polarizing political figure in the history of time ...


Come on, Mr. President! Let's show just a little creativity here. If you're gonna throw a banger at your own resort, you have to dress up as SOMETHING. Or, perhaps, someone.

Speaking of costumes ...

Apparently someone attended the party as "a man dressed as an ‘old Joe Biden’ with a walker,” according to the NY Post said, which drew a nice laugh from the room.

If ever there's an example of 'knowing your audience,' that's probably it. Joe Biden with a walker is always gonna play well in Mar-a-Lago.

Donald Trump is a big Phantom of the Opera fan

Sources told the NY Post that Trump played mostly 80s music from his iPad, but he also mixed in some Phantom of the Opera, which is a WILD choice.

Phantom of the Opera scared the bejesus out of me growing up. Don't know why, but I never liked it. But hey, if that's what the former President wants to play, who am I to judge?

Melania didn't attend (we'll skip past that to avoid any of the obvious questions), and, I know you're gonna ask ...

No, Trump did not say whether he was going to run for President in 2024.

I wasn't on scene, but I'm sure he added that "people will be very happy" with his decision.

All right, here ya go. Dance like nobody is watching, Mr. President!

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