Does ESPN Make Lee Corso, 87, Fly Commercial To College GameDay?

Does ESPN make 87-year-old Lee Corso fly Spirit Airlines to College GameDay locations?

Those are the hard-hitting questions circulating on Reddit this morning.

It all started late Friday, when one user spotted the one and only Lee Corso in an airport terminal. No idea which airport it is, but it's probably a decent bet to say it's Orlando International Airport, where Corso lives.

Our 87-year-old legend was spotted by himself, on his phone, seemingly waiting for his flight to Columbus, where the Ohio State Buckeyes are set to host Michigan in 'The Game.'

One Reddit-er spotted Corso, snapped a pic, and even said he was a cool dude who had no problem taking pictures and talking to people.

That's not hard to believe, because Corso is a legend who needs to be protected at all costs. What is hard to believe, however, is that he would be flying commercial - alone - ANYWHERE nowadays.

Can't be the case, right?

Anyway, here's the picture in question, with the caption:

"They doing my boy dirty getting to GameDay on commercial flights. Really nice guy though, cool about taking pictures with people and such."

Lee Corso back on College GameDay after health problems

Corso, 87, has been the topic of several Saturday conversations this fall due to his multiple absences from College GameDay.

The legendary college football personality missed several weeks of the ESPN show due to unspecified health issues, but fans saw him back in Bozeman last Saturday.

He had missed the last three straight GameDays and also a few more earlier in the season. He returned last week and again today, and appears to back to firing on all cylinders.

The only question is, does he check his headgear onto the flight or carry it on? I feel like Brutus could fit in the overhead cabins, right?

These were the questions several Reddit users had in response to Corso's airport photo.

"No wonder he keeps on missing GameDay. His flights keep getting delayed," one user said.

"Probably keep booking him Spirit flights," another commented.

We will, of course, keep you updated.

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